Water Softener Installation

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Hard water is a problem affecting many properties in Burleson. Although it won’t harm your health, it does pose an inconvenience and can eventually create long-term damage in your plumbing system.

If you are struggling with hard water, you’re likely familiar with the issues that come with it:

  • Stubborn stains around your sink or toilet bowl

  • Soap scum sticking to glassware or shower doors

  • Clothes come out dull and faded from the laundry

  • Dull, dry hair or itchy skin after showering

  • Scale buildup in your faucets, coffee makers, and other appliances

Untreated hard water features abrasive minerals (namely calcium and magnesium) that produce the effects above. These minerals can also clog your plumbing lines with scale buildup, resulting in blocked drains, lower water pressure, and other plumbing issues.

Relentless Home Services has the solution you need. We provide water softener installations for homes and businesses throughout Burleson—let us help you select the right product for your property today!

Is Your Property Pre-Plumbed?

Many newer homes and buildings will have had a water softener loop installed during construction. This makes your property pre-plumbed for a water softener. All we need to do is make sure your new system is connected properly, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying improved water quality in as little as two hours (a typical timeframe for installation).

Don’t have a water softener loop? We are happy to retrofit your property with additional bypass valves and pipes to accommodate your new system.

Selecting Salt-Based vs. Salt-Free Water Softeners

There are many comparisons between “salt-based” and “salt-free” water softeners. The two are actually very different in the way they treat hard water—and one of them isn’t a water softener at all.

Salt-based systems

Are what you would call “real” water softeners. They are designed to capture and remove abrasive minerals from your water supply, so you get that silky, smooth feeling. These systems are the best choice when it comes to eliminating calcium and magnesium. They are tested and proven to provide excellent results for customers with hard water issues.

Salt-free systems

On the other hand, are not true water softeners—they won’t soften your water or make it feel silky and smooth. These systems are actually water conditioners. They treat your water rather than completely removing abrasive minerals.

The reason some customers prefer water conditioners over water softeners is due to maintenance. Water softeners require routine upkeep (for example, refilling the brine solution), while water conditioners don’t require such hands-on maintenance.

Relentless Home Services will discuss your water treatment options and help you choose the best system for your household or commercial property. We offer high-quality filtration systems from Charger. Let our experts provide you with the perfect water treatment solution, and be on your way to enjoying hassle-free water in no time!

Ready to discuss your water quality issues? Call (817) 271-2999 to schedule an appointment with our water softener installation experts in Burleson.

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