Improve Your Water Quality with
Home Water Filtration Systems

Does your water smell like sulfur or rotten eggs?  Call (817) 271-2999 to schedule a complimentary water test and improve the quality of your water.

Tired of dealing with problems that come with untreated tap water? It’s time to consider whole-home water filtration.

The right filter will help you enjoy…

  • Less plumbing problems – Minerals in your water supply can clog your water lines with scale and corrosion.

  • Cleaner, fresher, better-tasting water – Remove a variety of contaminants with the appropriate filter.

  • Healthier-looking skin and hair – Certain minerals and contaminants in your water can cause your skin or hair to become itchy, dry, or discolored.

  • Remove bad water smells – If your water smells like sulfur, rotten eggs, chlorine, or anything else unpleasant, please call us to come test the water quality. We can help!

Relentless Home Services is here to help you solve your water quality issues the right way. We will first conduct an in-home water test. This test is provided free of charge with any service performed—just ask! Once we’ve identified the contaminants in your water supply, we will recommend the best filtration system based on your particular needs.

We provide water treatment services and water filter installations for residential and commercial customers throughout the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas.

Which Type of Water Filter is Best?

With several types of filtration systems available, it can be confusing trying to select the right one. This is why we perform a water quality assessment before installing your filter.

Different properties will have different contaminants in their water supply. Some may struggle with hard water, while others may be dealing with lead, chlorine, rust, bacteria, or other chemicals and minerals.

  • Water softeners – These are the most effective treatment against hard water.

  • Water conditioners – These are often marketed as salt-free alternatives to water softeners. They help reduce scaling in your plumbing lines and fixtures, and can even reduce the amount of soap you use by up to 40%.

  • Carbon filters – This is a popular option for customers who prefer a more comprehensive treatment. Carbon-activated filters can eliminate a range of contaminants, including chlorine, sediment, rust, and VOCs.

  • UV sterilizers – This is designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses present in your water supply.

Combining Whole-Home Filters With Point-of-Use Systems

Some homes may benefit from a combination of whole-home filtration and point-of-use devices.

For example, you can set up a whole-house water conditioner or carbon filter for water entering your bathroom faucets, washing machine, or dishwasher; you can then install a dedicated point-of-use reverse osmosis system to treat your drinking water. This helps you enjoy a more comprehensive treatment and provides improved water quality throughout your property.

Receive Quality Water Treatment Products

Eliminate abrasive minerals, chemicals, and more from your water supply and enjoy the benefits of filtered water with our range of water treatment products. Relentless Home Services is an authorized dealer of high-quality filtration systems from Charger. We will help you navigate your options and select the ideal filter for your home or business.

Ask us about your free water test with any service performed! Contact us today at (817) 271-2999 and please let us know if you have any questions.

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