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Need to schedule backflow testing for the year? Don’t miss the deadline! Call (817) 271-2999 to schedule immediate backflow prevention services in Burleson, TX.

Do you have a backflow prevention assembly installed on your property? Make sure you remain compliant with county regulations by having your system inspected and tested before the annual due date.

Work with our certified backflow prevention experts for quality service and solutions. Relentless Home Services provides professional backflow system testing, installation, and repair for residential and commercial properties throughout Burleson.

What is Backflow and Why Does It Happen?

If there are potential cross connections between your plumbing system and the municipal water line, there is a chance that backflow can occur. This problem happens when contaminated waste water mixes with the community’s potable water supply—often due to backpressure or backsiphonage.

Backpressure is the result of an imbalance in water pressure. If the water pressure in your plumbing system is greater than the water pressure in the city’s main line, it can cause contaminated water from your end to enter the municipal system.

Backsiphonage is also caused by water pressure problems. If there is a sudden change in water pressure—often due to a water main break or when a nearby fire hydrant is opened—contaminated water from your plumbing system will flow in the opposite direction (into the city line) and result in backsiphonage.

This is why a backflow prevention system is so important. It can help prevent problems like backpressure or backsiphonage and ensure the quality of your drinking water supply.

Does Your Property Need a Backflow Prevention System?

Although these systems are often recommended and required in commercial properties, certain homes will also need to install a backflow prevention assembly.

  • Do you have a sprinkler or other type of irrigation system on your property?

  • Do you have a fire protection system installed?

  • Do you use a large commercial grade boiler (often found in multi-family buildings)?

If your property features any of the above, there is a risk of cross connection occurring. Contaminants such as chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, human waste, and more may be introduced into your potable water supply. The right backflow prevention system will keep contaminants out and your drinking water safe.

Relentless Home Services can help you install an appropriate, county-approved backflow prevention assembly. Types of systems we provide include double check detector assemblies, double check assemblies, and reduced pressure principle assemblies.

What to Expect From Our Services

New to backflow testing and prevention services? You should receive a notice in the mail about 45 days prior to your testing deadline. Contact our team to have the service performed as soon as possible.

Backflow testing is typically a quick process that should take no more than half an hour (if there are no existing problems with your system).

If we find any issues during the inspection, we will let you know and present you with the recommended solution. We can replace faulty parts, or install a completely new system for you.

Contact us today at (817) 271-2999. To schedule your next backflow test in Burleson or surrounding areas.

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