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Looking for a reliable AC professional who can provide expert ductless mini split air conditioning solutions?

Relentless Heat and Air Solutions is your local HVAC company with a commitment to delivering the quality service you deserve. We provide ductless mini split AC repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Burleson, TX area. Whether you need to discuss the installation process or you need help with your existing ductless AC system, our team has you covered.

Zoned Cooling: Benefits of Ductless AC Installation for Burleson Customers

Ductless mini split air conditioners can help improve your home’s overall comfort and energy efficiency by providing individual cooling zones. The typical home will have three to five zones.

Zoned cooling allows you to set different areas of your home to a different temperature setting. If you have a rarely occupied room or a guest bedroom, you can set the unit in there a little higher than you would your own bedroom or a higher traffic area of your home. As a result, individual household members can enjoy their desired indoor temperature and comfort level.

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Your Local Ductless Mini Split Experts

When in it comes to ductless mini splits, we are the local name you can turn to. We have professionals based throughout Johnson, Hood, and Parker Counties—allowing us to get to your home or business quickly for any HVAC service and return your property to normal in no time. 

In addition to Burleson, our service areas also include the following communities: 

Ductless Mini Split AC Repair and Servicing in Burleson, Texas

Ductless AC systems don’t require any ductwork, but it doesn’t mean they are maintenance-free as well. Owners of ductless mini split systems will need to make sure regular maintenance is carried out in order to enjoy long-term comfort and efficiency. Poorly maintained ductless AC systems can result in leaking units, which can cause damage to your walls or lead to mold growth. We provide professional cleaning and maintenance for ductless mini split AC systems–just give us a call to schedule service in Burleson, TX.

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